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Press Release

Docking Station Contemporary Artists Work with Artworks from the Aargauer Kunsthaus and the Nationale Suisse Collection


For the exhibition Docking Station (23 August – 16 November 2014 Aargauer Kunsthaus, Aarau) contemporary artists were invited to work with historical artworks from the holdings of the Aargauer Kunsthaus and collection of the insurance company Nationale Suisse. In pieces created especially for this show the artists respond to selected artworks from said collections, thereby creating a varied exhibition arrangement on the upper floor of the Aargauer Kunsthaus – in the galleries usually reserved for the historical part of the museum’s collection – that reveals the freshness and richness an artistically motivated «look back» can exude.

Contemporary art evinces a keen awareness of its own predecessors and pioneers. Young artists in particular are increasingly interested in art and cultural history, creating works that more or less explicitly reference practices and stylistic periods of the past. Conceived in cooperation with the insurance company Nationale Suisse, the exhibition Docking Station reflects this trend. Twelve Swiss artists - Marc Bauer, Bianca Brunner, Philippe Decrauzat, Klodin Erb, San Keller, Petra Köhle & Nicolas Vermot Petit-Outhenin, Zilla Leutenegger, Michael Meier & Christoph Franz, Giacomo Santiago Rogado and Francisco Sierra – were invited to work with art from the holdings of the Aargauer Kunsthaus and the Nationale Suisse collection. In works that were conceived especially for this show they respond to selected artworks, casting them in a new light.

Meshing contemporary art practices and historical art is part of the endeavour of the Aargauer Kunsthaus to maintain active access to its collection and build bridges between historical and contemporary art. The Nationale Suisse company, which specialises in art insurance and has partnered with us for this project, has over the past ten years promoted young artists who are at the beginning of their careers through an art prize. The company also owns an extensive collection of Swiss art that is celebrating its seventieth anniversary and that can also be viewed online starting this year at The two anniversaries led to the cooperation with the Aargauer Kunsthaus and to the exhibition Docking Station, which offers visitors a unique opportunity to discover two top-class collections of Swiss art through the lens of contemporary artistic work.

The juxtaposition of contemporary and historical art is also reflected in the spaces that were selected for the exhibition. The sky-lit galleries on the upper floor of the Aargauer Kunsthaus, which usually serve to display works from the historical holdings, provide a perfect setting for the interventions by the featured artists. Each of the participants has been assigned a gallery that they can individually work with. The results run the gamut of artistic approaches: from a "hair salon" in which San Keller offers haircuts based on historical portraits, and the architectural and socio-historically motivated investigation of Michael Meier & Christoph Franz to Cuno Amiet’s cityscape Häuserblock in Paris: Port de Châtillon, Boulevard Brune (1936) and to Klodin Erb's large-scale paintings in which she pictorially moves close to Caspar Wolf's view of nature. Visitors embark on a discovery tour of Swiss art along a surprising and, in terms of media and concepts, heterogeneous course.

Marc Bauer (b. 1975), Bianca Brunner (b. 1974), Philippe Decrauzat (b. 1974), Klodin Erb (b. 1963), San Keller (b. 1971), Petra Elena Köhle (b. 1977) / Nicolas Vermot Petit-Outhenin (b. 1977), Zilla Leutenegger (b. 1968), Michael Meier (b. 1980) & Christoph Franz (b. 1982), Giacomo Santiago Rogado (b. 1979), Francisco Sierra (b. 1977)

Historical Works by:
Eva Aeppli (b. 1925), Cuno Amiet (1868-1961), Albert Anker (1831-1910), Karl Ballmer (1891-1958), Arnold Böcklin (1827-1901), Meret Oppenheim (1913-1985), Caspar Wolf (1735 - 1783) and others.

Curators of the Exhibition
Madeleine Schuppli, Director, Aargauer

Exhibition App
For the first time the Aargauer Kunsthaus is launching an app in conjunction with the exhibition that serves two purposes: it is an interactive guide to the exhibition and it features an abundance of images and texts that provide background information on the realized projects and selected works from the collections. The app includes video portraits of the featured artist that have been produced in cooperation with In these videos, which are also available online through, the artists discuss their practices and their interest in the issues raised by the exhibition. iBeacons recognise the current position of a visitor and automatically display the appropriate information for the exhibits. Starting 21 August 2014, the app can be downloaded for free from the App Store and from Google Play. Loan units are available for visitors of the exhibition.

Nationale Suisse and its Commitment to Art
Nationale Suisse attaches the greatest importance to art. Over seven decades the insurance company has accumulated a collection of contemporary Swiss art that is considered to be among the most significant corporate collections in Switzerland. The collection includes more than 1'500 works by 400 artists and focuses particularly on painting and drawing and, since the beginning of the new millennium, also on photography and object and video art. In the context of the renovation of part of its headquarters in Basel, Pipilotti Rist, Hans Danuser and Daniel Robert Hunziker are currently realising art-in-architecture projects. To help promote young artists, Nationale Suisse annually awards an art prize. The company has also supported the extensive "Acanthes" conservation project of the Fondation Beyeler in Riehen near Basel and, since 2013, the promotion of young people in conservation and art education at the Kunstmuseum Luzern.

Preview for the Media
Thursday, 21 August 2014, 10 am
Introduction and tour of the exhibition with Madeleine Schuppli. Followed by a reception in the foyer.

Exhibition Opening

Friday, 22 August 2014, 6 pm
6.15 pm speakers: Madeleine Schuppli, Director, Aargauer Kunsthaus, and Dr. Hans Künzle, CEO, Nationale Suisse. Followed by a reception in the foyer. Starting at 7.30 pm, food will be served in the tent on the Kunsthaus roof.
5 – 6 pm preview for sponsors and members of the Aargauischer Kunstverein

Artists' Talks
Thursday, 6.30 Uhr
28 August Marc Bauer, Zilla Leutenegger and Francisco Sierra in conversation with Madeleine Schuppli
2 October Bianca Brunner, San Keller and Petra Köhle & Nicolas Vermot in conversation with Yasmin Afschar
6 November Klodin Erb, Michael Meier & Christoph Franz and Giacomo Santiago Rogado in conversation with Thomas Schmutz
Each time followed by drinks and snacks provided by Nationale Suisse

Guided Tours
Thursday, 6.30 pm
25 Sep. with Astrid Näff, 9 Oct. with Astrid Näff, 23 Oct. with Annette Bürgi, 13 Nov. with Yasmin Afschar
Sunday, 11 am
7 Sep. with Annette Bürgi, 21 Sep. with Astrid Näff, 12 Oct. with Astrid Näff, 26 Oct. with Annette Bürgi, 2 Nov. with Annette Bürgi, 16 Nov. with Astrid Näff

Art Education
Children's Opening
Friday, 22 August 2014, 6 pm
For children ages 5 and older; meet at the studio in the basement
Art Picnic
Thursday, 16 October 2014, 12 – 1 pm
Noontime tour with creative involvement, sandwich included.
For events for schools, children and families please refer to the separate art education flyer.
Dates for Art Workshops (school classes) and Art Meets (Adults) upon request: tel.: +41 (0)62 835 23 31;

Opening Hours
Tuesday – Sunday 10 am – 5 pm, Thursday 10 am – 8 pm

Images for the Media

Images are available for downloading on our website at> Media. Please consider the copyright.

For additional information on the exhibition "Docking Station" and on the collection of the Aargauer Kunsthaus, please contact:
Madeleine Schuppli, Director, Aargauer Kunsthaus, tel. +41 (0)62 835 23 30,
Filomena Colecchia, Communication, tel. +41 (0)62 835 23 34,

For additional information on the Nationale Suisse collection, please contact:
Andreas Karcher, Head of the Office for Art, Nationale Suisse tel. +41 (0) 61 275 23 38,
Jonas Grossniklaus, Media Relations, Nationale Suisse tel. +41 (0)61 275 28 92,

Disclaimer and exclusion of liability
The purpose of this press release is to inform the public about certain events or developments arising from the company's business. The information published in this article is not an advertisement, offer or recommendation to engage in transactions involving securities or other products of Nationale Suisse or any other type of transaction. This press release may contain certain forward-looking statements. Even if these forward-looking statements reflect the opinion and expectations of Nationale Suisse, a number of risks, uncertainties and other important factors may lead to actual developments and results differing strongly from the expectations of Nationale Suisse. It is pointed out expressly that the statements and projections contained in this press release are selective in nature. Nationale Suisse provides no guarantee, either explicitly or implicitly, regarding the accuracy and completeness of the statements and forecasts published in this press release. Neither Nationale Suisse nor its executive bodies or senior managers accept any liability for any damage or losses arising directly or indirectly from the use of this press release. Unless otherwise provided by applicable binding law Nationale Suisse is under no obligation to update or amend the statements contained in this press release, be it in response to new information, future events or any other reasons.

Updated post-publication information is available on our website You may find further details and forecasts about the business of Nationale Suisse there.


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